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Environment and safety

The environment: a companion to respect.

Environment and safety - Officina Meccanica Gualco

In conducting our business, we consider occupational safety, health, defense of the environment as inalienable values.

We are dedicated to taking all measures necessary to prevent and limit any possible negative impact on the environment.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Using energy from renewable sources
  • Observing the rules of workplace safety and health
  • Ensuring proper waste management
  • Monitoring the consumption of energy and natural resources in order to avoid waste
  • Using the best products available for the lowest environmental impact
  • Oily bases used are biodegradable and have no exposure limit for the operator

During 2020 we decided to invest in environmental protection by equipping our headquarters with a photovoltaic system, which guarantees a renewable energy sustenance for the operation of the company.

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