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Quality control

Since 1977, with enthusiasm and passion.

faro arm

Quality control is the primary strategic objective of the production process and guarantees requirements met for each product component.

Each step of the quality control process is verified by the instruments most suitable for a particular control.

Among our measuring equipment, we count a portable arm CMMs which is an accurate gauge. This tool allows us to optimize the processes of control and dimensional analysis processes and moreover gives us the opportunity to compare the opportunity to compare the products with the related technical drawing.

We guarantee high precision products in full compliance with tolerances in accordance with the construction and supply specifications prescribed by the client and the project.

Measuring apparatus

  • Profile projector
  • Roughness meter
  • Digital microscope
  • Micrometers for internal/external measurement
  • Thread control using micrometer cusps or calibrated wires
  • Tool presetter Elbo controlli e660

  • Control desk concentricity/circularity/flatness
  • Torque wrenches
  • Rings and plugs
  • Bore gauges
  • Penetrant liquids


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